The Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities’ Autism+ Program is dedicated to making our communities more accessible for individuals with ASD and other disabilities and their families.

Our Purpose

Through Autism+, we strive to ensure businesses obtain the appropriate education and support to provide individuals with different abilities the opportunity to meaningfully engage with their communities.

Our Goal

The goal of Autism+ is to build capacity within your organization to maintain ASD and other disabilities friendly business practices. Our education model is designed to empower staff members and stakeholders to confidently
implement inclusive practices beyond consultation.

What is Autism+?

Autism+ means that your business is aware and accommodating of the various needs of people with ASD and other disabilities. Families and people with disabilities can expect that staff will be aware and accommodating of factors that may affect individuals with ASD and other disabilities.

Contact Us:

Phone: 505-272-1852

Fax: 505-272-3140