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The following is a list of topics that Preschool Network can provide training on. Please note that this is not a complete list and that customized training is available upon request.

Childcare Law

  • This training presents information about the federal and New Mexico state laws that protect children with disabilities from discrimination and provide access to services. The Americans with Disabilities Act, the NM Human Rights Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and NM Regulations will be reviewed as they apply to children with disabilities and child care. The role of the child care provider in collaborating with other service agencies and making referrals when there are concerns about a child’s development will be discussed.

Confidentiality in Childcare Settings

  • This training on confidentiality is for child care providers and preschool teachers. It explores the relationship, professional/ethical and legal reasons and foundations for understanding and practicing confidentiality in an early childhood learning environment. Participants will learn specific instances when confidentiality must me maintained as well as identifying boundary issues with parents and how they relate to confidentiality.

Creative Curriculum for Preschool Children

  • This 4.5 hour workshop will present a brief overview of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, by D. Trister Dodge, L. Colker and C. Heroman It will introduce its philosophy, the four (4) components of the curriculum in addition to the assessment component. It will also explain the crosswalk of the Early Childhood Outcomes and its relationship to the Creative Curriculum approach. This workshop is especially designed for teachers and administrators.

Developing Functional IEPs

  • This training presents information and activities that support participants to develop functional IEPs that include goals that can be enhanced and supported in the everyday routines and activities of preschool children.

Early Childhood Outcomes

  • The development of the Early Childhood Outcomes data collection and reporting process is a process in work. The Office of Special Education Programs in collaboration with the Early Childhood Outcomes Center is constantly updating resources and requirements. Some of this information may have changed or been revised by the time you are ready to present this training in your district.

Early Emergent Literacy

  • This online course provides a rationale for designing, adapting, and implementing literacy rich interactions, strategies, curricula, and environments for young children with diverse learning needs. The seminar provides an overview of the impact and implications of diverse learning needs on literacy development. The focus of the course is on applying practical strategies and individualized adaptations for young children with special needs that support their literacy development.

Evaluating and Assessing Young Children

  • This 5.5 hour workshop will present recommended evaluation and assessment practices and procedures for the early identification and treatment of developmental and learning problems in young children. Developmentally appropriate evaluation and assessment methodology to gather both quantitative and qualitative information will be discussed. This workshop is designed for teachers, diagnosticians, therapists and administrators who are involved in evaluating and assessing preschoolers who may be eligible for or are receiving preschool special education services.

Least Restrictive Environment

  • This training presents the philosophical, educational and legal foundations of the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) with a focus on preschool services. It presents information and activities that support participants to fully understand a continuum of alternative placement options and to specifically look at supplementary aids, supports and services in context of preschool environments. It allows participants to review judicial rulings specific to LRE and preschool and provides them the opportunity to explore various model programs that have been successful in implementing LRE. Participants have the opportunity to reflect on the existing and possible options for services in their community and begin the work towards building a continuum of alternative options for LRE in preschool.

Me and You Together - Creating Inclusive Supports for Young Children

  • This training introduces the video “Me and You Together: Creating Inclusive Supports for Young Children”. It presents information and activities that supports participants to reflect on and identify their perceptions of inclusion as well as hopes and dreams parents have for their children. It provides a philosophical and legal foundation for inclusive services and offers basic information about service delivery in inclusive settings. It supports participants to begin problem solving and planning for building a continuum of options for inclusive services in their community. View the Me and You Together Video

Sharing Difficult Information with Parents

  • Sharing concerns about children with their parents can be an intimidating task. This workshop will help caregivers learn how to communicate with parents when their children have difficulties. Ideas about how to lay the groundwork for on-going communication will be offered as well as specific tips and suggestions for convening a meeting or conference to discuss concerns. Conference outcomes, using parent-friendly, sensitive language and suggestions for providing family support will be a part of this two-hour session.

Supporting Positive Behaviors

  • This 2.0 hour workshop will contrast typical child development with problematic behavior. Strategies for preventing challenging behavior and a process for developing a behavior support plan to decrease challenging behavior and increase appropriate behavior will be presented.

Use of the Brigance IED II

  • The Brigance IED II is a skills based assessment tool approved for use with the Child Outcomes Summary Form. This training covers the basics of using the Brigance for the purpose of collecting outcomes data.

Using Professional Judgment

  • This training introduces participants to the professional judgment process for determining eligibility for special education and related services in the category of developmental delay. The workshop will present the philosophical and legal foundations of the process as well as the steps in the process itself. Participants will participate in activities that illustrate documentation methods of the IEP team’s decision-making procedures. Case studies are provided for participants to practice using the professional judgment process in teams.