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The goal of the New Mexico Leadership in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities Program (NM LEND) is to provide interdisciplinary leadership training for graduate students, community professionals, family members of individuals with developmental disabilities, and self-advocates to:

  • Improve systems of care
  • Promote the prevention of disabilities
  • Improve access to services for children with neurodevelopmental and related disabilities and their families

This is accomplished through advanced clinical and leadership training, continuing education, and consultation. Trainees gain competencies in clinical care, family needs and preferences, and the public health system. NM LEND is a program within the Center for Development and Disability (CDD), University of New Mexico School of Medicine.


The purpose of the NM LEND training program is to improve the health of infants, children and adolescents with or at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism, and their families. This is accomplished through the training of professionals for leadership roles in providing health and related care. New Mexico children and their families are in need of highly trained professionals who have the knowledge, skills and leadership abilities to partner with families in helping their children reach their full potential.


The trainee will develop knowledge through experiential learning:

  • Family-Centered/Culturally Competent Practice
  • Interdisciplinary PracticeKnowledge, Skills & Attitudes about neurodevelopmental and related disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder Leadership
  • Research and Critical Thinking
  • Policy and Advocacy


Sandra Heimerl

Program Director
Phone: 505-272-0096

Alyx Medlock

Training Director
Phone: 505-272-9846

Max Pohl

Program Coordinator
Phone: 505-272-3025

Angela Sosa

Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 505-272-3024