About NM Cerebral Palsy Task Force


The Cerebral Palsy Task Force is an multidisciplinary group of medical professionals, therapists, students, and community members working together to improve early identification and referral for timely, appropriate intervention for infants with or at risk of Cerebral Palsy in New Mexico. The team meets regularly with the goal of educating other professionals about the importance of early identification as well as to spread knowledge about the new international guidelines which allow a diagnosis of “at-risk” to be assessed early in an infant’s life. The team is working to create pathways for diagnosis, referral, and follow up services, including early intervention, across New Mexico.

Mission Statement

New Mexico infants at risk for cerebral palsy will receive timely, specific screening and if identified at “high risk” appropriate services will be available.

Vision Statement

All infants at risk for Cerebral Palsy should have access to opportunities, including quality healthcare, education, employment, etc., in order to optimize their function, fulfill their dreams and participate in their communities.

Memorial Task Force

During the 2019 legislative session the NM CP Task Force received approval for a memorial bill from the NM Legislature. The memorial recognizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for children at high risk for CP. It also asks the CP Task Force to continue its work by devising a plan to implement the care guidelines across the state. In order to do so, the legislature has recommended inviting more stakeholders to join the conversation around identification and treatment for children with or at high risk for CP. The memorial task force is intended to include representation from nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, social work, and physicians, including neonatology and pediatric neurology, as well as representatives of health care facilities, health care plans, the department of health and human services department, parents of children with CP, and individuals with CP. The purpose of uniting all of these stakeholders is to better understand the processes currently in place in our state as well as to create a plan to move forward with early and accurate diagnosis and treatment for babies at high risk for Cerebral Palsy.

Read the Memorial.

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For more information about the Cerebral Palsy Task Force, events/trainings, and participation:

Please contact Sandra Heimerl at sheimerl@salud.unm.edu or Marybeth Barkocy at mbarkocy@salud.unm.edu

If you have questions about your child’s development:

Please contact Baby Net through the Center for Development and Disability at 505-272-8549 or 1-800-552-8195
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