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What Happens At A SIS Interview?

The SIS assessment lasts about two to three hours, and is a discussion that will lead to the most accurate assessment of the supports an individual needs. The interview includes discussing medical needs and behavioral challenges, and day to day life activities. The SIS assessor asks those present questions and engages the group in a discussion about what supports are needed.

The SIS assessment includes the person whose supports are being assessed as well as at least two “primary respondents.” These are people who have been invited to participate in the SIS assessment who know the individual well and can speak to the supports the person needs in their day to day activities.  Requirements include knowing the individual for at least three months and seeing him or her recently in a variety of settings.

At the end of the SIS assessment, the individual being assessed and primary respondents who participate sign the NM SIS Checklist verifying the accuracy of the support needs reported during the interview.

After the SIS assessment, the SIS assessor uploads the completed assessment and checklist to SIS Online, where it will be available to the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD).  For information about how DDSD uses the results of the SIS assessment to develop group assignments please see the following policy:   The assessor from the CDD is not part of the process to develop group assignments.  For additional information on group assignments and service packages visit the ACT New Mexico website.

For more information on what makes a SIS interview successful, read this information from AAIDD: