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How To Get Ready for A SIS Interview

You can prepare for the SIS assessment by making sure you have what you need to communicate (such as, communication devices, or assistive technology devices).

 A SIS assessment usually takes about three hours to complete. The SIS Assessor from the CDD asks participants about the person’s activities at home and in the community, their friendships and relationships, and how much support they need to do these activities. The SIS Assessor helps the group reach agreement about the supports an individual needs.

 The questions are easy to answer. They are about supports needed in areas such as

  • Home Life
  • Community Life
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Work Life
  • Social Life
  • Health & Safety
  • Money Matters
  • Self Advocacy
  • Medical
  • Behavioral

 The success of the SIS assessment depends on everyone participating and giving honest, accurate answers about the supports the person needs.

Watch the video "Getting Ready for the SIS Interview" created by AAIDD: