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What Is The Supports Intensity Scale?

The Supports Intensity Scale ® is a tool used in over twenty states to determine what supports a person needs to do an activity. It was developed over a period of five years by a team of experts from the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) that included self advocates, family members, and professionals in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Before the SIS assessment, a person's level of need was usually measured by the skills a person didn’t have or what they couldn’t do. Instead, the SIS identifies the level of support a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities needs in order to do the same things that everyone does in their community every day.

The SIS is a normed and standardized assessment tool. This means that it gives information that shows and compares a person's need for support with others who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. To do this, the SIS authors made sure to include people in their sample or norm group who represent people with IDD in general.

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Read a Fact Sheet on the SIS
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