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Cost Savings

CDD REACH is working together with community partners and other telehealth programs throughout the state!

A Better Use of Resources

By providing REACH Services, $26,062 (FY2013 Annual Report) is saved in staff travel expenses.  Aside from saving money, REACH is also able to save many families the burden of traveling across the state.  REACH has saved a total of 65,173 miles in travel.

Working with our partners

  • CDD REACH utilizes existing telehealth technology wherever it is in a community:
    • Hospitals, clinics, school based health or regional education centers, community colleges or universities, early intervention programs, or mental health centers
  • Community sites are supported by multiple federal, state and private funding sources for institutions and projects
  • Over the past 5 years, CDD REACH community access has grown from an original four sites to current use of almost 100 sites when needed, in 23 counties.

Filling a community need

Lack of sub-specialists are hard needs to meet, but infant mental health and speech language therapy are two areas where there is need, and there is literature to support direct clinical service