Medically Fragile Case Management Program

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Opportunities for Improvement

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Families described the challenges their children face when accessing the educational system.

“School staff was fearful of G-Tube button and whole procedure involved with feeding.”

“Would like to send her to school but I am fearful she will get sick and lead to her death.”

“Lack of services”

“I love his current school and I’m worried about him receiving appropriate services through APS when he transitions there for first grade.”

“We live in a rural area and the school district does not have the personnel to address her needs.”

“We met with the school personnel and they did not seem to understand her needs.”

“(She) is not in school due to safety and supervision issues with school staff.”

“I would like to observe the school programs and find out about having a nurse with him if I let (him) go to school.”


Discussions with school staff revealed that teachers worried about having the staffing and skills to provide the complex medical care these students require.

“I am a teacher, not a nurse. I don’t feel comfortable performing these tasks.”

“How can I be an effective teacher if I am providing nursing care?”

“Transition to regular school not done in a timely manner”