Informational Tip Sheets

The following Tip Sheets are intended to give basic information about programs that may be helpful for persons with disabilities, with phone numbers and websites of where to learn more. Many Tip Sheets are in English and Spanish.

Previous, and newly developed Tip Sheets have been reviewed, updated and revised to meet Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Web Accessibility Standards. These Tip Sheets are now accessible to those with visual impairments who use screen readers like Jaws and other programs to navigate through our site.

An "at-a-glance" listing of all our Tip Sheets.

Packet of all disability resource tip sheets - PDF format

Video on the Information Network Library


If you have questions, please contact an Information Specialist at 505-272-8549.

Please feel free to print and share any of the material below.

Tip Sheets