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Online Training for Administrators

The Full Participation of Each Child Overview

Each preschool child in New Mexico is on a journey toward achieving their full potential. This module is about tools, practices, and strategies you can use and share to support that potential through the full participation of each child and their family.

Intentional Teaching Overview

In this training, you will explore how preschool teachers create curriculum and complete required assessments using New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines, Lesson Plans, and Preschool Classroom Walkthrough Form.

New Mexico Pyramid Framework Overview

Welcome to the NM Pyramid Online Course for Administrators. Completion of this course will meet the administrative requirement of the NM Preschool FOCUS: Essential Elements of Quality Professional Qualifications for preschool administrators. This course includes an Intro chapter and chapters 1-4.

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Full Participation of Each Preschool Child Resources

Download the following zip folder and extract the files by following the directions.

Full Participation Documents - Directions:

  • Click link above and save .zip folder to somewhere on your computer where you can find it.
  • Navigate to that folder on your computer and Right Click.
  • Select Extract All.
  • Choose where you want the extracted folder to download onto your computer.
  • When done you should be able to find a folder with all the organized documents.

The Full Participation of Each Preschool Child - Videos:

These videos for each segment can be downloaded through the following links.