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Confidentiality in Childcare Settings - This training on confidentiality is for child care providers and preschool teachers. It explores the relationship, professional/ethical and legal reasons and foundations for understanding and practicing confidentiality in an early childhood learning environment. Participants will learn specific instances when confidentiality must be maintained as well as identifying boundary issues with parents and how they relate to confidentiality.

Creative Curriculum for Preschool Children - A brief overview of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, by D. Trister Dodge, L. Colker and C. Heroman. It introduces its philosophy, the four components of the curriculum and the assessment component. It will also explain the crosswalk of the Early Childhood Outcomes and its relationship to the Creative Curriculum approach. This workshop is especially designed for teachers and administrators.

Developing Functional IEPs - This training supports participants in developing functional IEPs that include goals that can be enhanced and supported in the everyday routines and activities of preschool children.

Using Professional Judgment - This training introduces participants to the professional judgment process for determining eligibility for special education and related services in the category of developmental delay. The workshop will present the philosophical and legal foundations of the process as well as the steps in the process. itself. Participants will participate in activities that illustrate documentation methods of the IEP team's decision-making procedures. Case studies are provided for participants to practice using the professional judgment process in teams.