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Welcome! The purpose of the FIT Video Library is to share information with early intervention practitioners and families by providing illustrations of evidence-based and recommended early intervention practices in New Mexico. Thanks to all of the families, staff, and programs who generously agreed to share their stories and appear in the videos. Please check back from time to time as new videos will be added.

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This Video Webpage is funded through New Mexico’s Race To The Top: Early Learning Challenge Grant.

For more information about the video library, please contact:
Linda Askew, FIT TQRIS Manager, linda.askew@state.nm.us
Larry Edelman, Producer and Project Coordinator, Larry.Edelman@ucdenver.edu

Using Video, Self-Reflection, and Coaching to Enhance Early Intervention Services (15:09)

This video illustrates how an early intervention program in New Mexico uses video, self-reflection, coaching of practitioners, and coaching of coaches to support their practitioners to use a more routines-based and coaching approach to better support families.

Families Front and Center: The Power of Coaching (5:20)

A developmental vision specialist describes how she used video recordings of her early intervention home visits as a foundation for self-reflection and refinement of her practice.

Using Video to Enhance Family Support and Reflective Practice (5:49)

A FIT early intervention practitioner discusses how she used video to enhance services she provided to a family and reflect on her practices.

Video Demonstration Project Cohort 2

The following videos are interviews with early intervention practitioners; early intervention coaches; project coaches; and administrators during the Video Project – as part of the Race To the Top – Early Learning Challenge – FOCUS Tiered Quality Rating & Improvement System. Larry Edelman has provided a key role in training and supporting teams in the use of video and the early intervention practices referred to.