Early Childhood Learning Network

Additional Information on FCCV

Family Child Care Providers (FCCPs) are individuals who provide child care for children in their homes. When FCCPs strive for quality they are typically providing learning opportunities that are 

  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • Caring - Loving
  • Fun
  • Appropriate
  • Interactive
  • Inclusive
  • Interesting

The quality of child care increases when Family Child Care Providers (FCCPs) are committed to making sure infants and young children are safe and healthy in addition to providing fun learning environments that enhance children’s growth, development and learning, Additionally, when Family Child Care Providers are committed to quality they are committed to increasing their own knowledge base about young children and their own ongoing professional development as part of their continuous quality improvement. 

Family Child Care Visitors (FCCVs) work for community home visiting agencies and are trained and supproted by ECLN staff to support Family Child Care Providers (FCCPs). 

Support to Family Child Care Visiting Programs: Early Childhood Learning Network (ECLN) staff developed a training and technical assistance approach to help programs train, support and guide Family Child Care Visitors (FCC Visitors) in their work. This approach is anchored in strengths-based, relationship-based, reflective partnering with Family Child Care Providers.  The ECLN Home Visiting Support Approach and Parents as Teachers (PAT) Curricula (Supporting Care Providers Through Personal Visits in English & Spanish; and Supporting Infant-Toddler Care Providers) provide structure for the trainings that we offer FCCV programs and their FCC Visitors. The FCC Visitors then share and teach specific skills to Family Child Care Providers. Additional materials, and resources include Brain Insights (English & Spanish), NM Developmental-Interaction Approach (DIA), NM Early Learning Guidelines (ELGs), Center for the Social & Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL), and Look, Listen and Learn: Reflective Supervision and Relationship-based Work, information from The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC() and ZERO to THREE. A process evaluation research component was an important part of this project.

Family Child Care Visitors help Family Child Care Providers (FCCP) become more informed about

  • Growth
  • Development
  • Learning in playful settings
  • Relationship-Based Approaches
  • Strengths-Based Approaches
  • Reflective Practice

When FCC Providers understand and aim for quality in increasingly more informed ways the quality in FCC programs can increase, which benefits all the children in her care.

Our Foundational Training Topic areas are:

  • Relationships
  • Learning Environments
  • Strengths based Approach
  • The Actual Visit
  • Reflective Practice
  • Professionalism
  • Development
  • Physical Environment