Early Childhood Learning Network

Webinar Recordings

Depending on their content (video, etc), webinar files can be very large. Please allow plenty of time for the download.

Certificates can not be offered for viewing previously recorded webinars.  

  • NM FIT Inclusive Practices Guide Webinar

    Duration: 17 Minutes 
    • Handout- NM FIT Inclusion Guidance
    •  Helping Early Intervention reconnect with Families, Home Visiting, Early Head Start, and Child Care through Inclusion.
  • FIT IFSP Webinar, July 22nd & 23rd, 2014
    Duration: 50 Minutes
    Presenters: Andrew Gomm, Sbicca Brodeur, Kathey Phoenix-Doyle and Michelle Staley
    • History of the collaborative process to develop the new IFSP
    • Changes to the new IFSP
    • Resources to support professional skills for developing quality functional IFSPs
    • Resources to support families to understand the IFSP process
    • Next steps for agencies to implement new IFSP
  • Ongoing Assessment Webinar, February 18, 2014
    Duration: 1 Hour 9 Minutes
    Presenters: Jen Brown
    Overview of the linked system approach to ongoing assessment. A list of approved tools is provided. A case study example is also provided to assist providers in seeing how the tool fits into the overall process of ongoing assessment.

  • Routines-based Early Intervention Webinar, January 14, 2014
    Duration: 37 Minutes
    Presenters: Cindy Bernard and Michelle Staley
    This presentation focuses on the fundamentals that Routines Based Early Intervention (RBEI) is built on: the importance of family participation and daily routines and activities to develop intervention strategies. Topics include:
    • How the research identifies the relevance of the child/family’s daily routines as the context for assessment and intervention
    • How RBEI demonstrates meaningful family participation and decision making throughout the early intervention process
    • How RBEI uses routines to embrace the uniqueness of each child’s skills within typical family activities
    • Developing intervention strategies
    • Working across disciplines and agencies to forma a cohesive plan with the family
  • Meaningful Family Participation Webinar, November 13, 2013
    Duration: 54 Minutes
    Presenters: Cathy Riley and Michelle Staley
    This presentation focuses on family and parent participation within early intervention. Topics include:
    • What is meaningful family participation?
    • Why do we involve parents?
    • Why does it matter?
    • Linking today’s discussion to the FIT Key Principles
    • What parents say-videos
    • How can we increase opportunities for parents to be involved?
  • Seven Key Principles, September 20, 2012
    Duration: 1 Hour 2 Minutes
    Presenters: Cindy Bernard and Jen Brown
    This presentation is a review of the NECTAC 7 Key Principles. Topics include:
    • Review of the 7KP
    • How things have shifted in NM
    • Exploring the 7KP and how they relate to the Transdisciplinary Team Approach in NM
    • How do these practices look like within our work with families in NM FIT?
  • New FIT Regulations Webinar Series, July/August, 2012
    • Insurance & Screening, July 12, 2012
      Duration: 1 Hour 9 Minutes
      Presenters: Andrew Gomm
    • Evaluation & Eligibility, July 20, 2012
      Duration: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
      Presenters: Andrew Gomm and Jen Brown
      A webinar on Evaluation and Eligibility was recorded on July 20, 2012 to reflect the changes to NM FIT regulations and standards with respect to evaluation and eligibility determination processes. This webinar provides information about the specifics of the requirements and emphasizes the changes. It also provides several case study examples of children with different needs and the means by which they were determined eligible for the FIT Program using the new requirements; this includes using the IDA, using a domain-specific tool with a -1.5SD, using Informed Clinical Opinion (ICO), and an infant under 4 months of age. (webinar is approximately 1hour, 45 minutes – includes Q&A time at end of session)
    • Transition, August 3, 2012
      Duration: 1 Hour 32 Minutes
      Presenters: Andrew Gomm, Sbicca Brodeur and Sophie Bertrand
  • Tips, Techniques, and Guidance when Using the Environmental Risk Assessment, Webinar, July 21, 2010
    Presenters: Michelle Staley & Mary Zaremba
    Information for providers to consider when administering the Environmental Risk Assessment tool.