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Parents as Teachers Home-Visiting Program

Photo of Nurse family partnership home visit with mother and baby

Parents as Teachers Home-Visiting Program is a strong evidence-based home visiting model providing a broad context of parenting education and family support, and building protective factors, especially for those families in vulnerable situations.

At its core, Parents as Teachers Home-Visiting Program is relationship-based and parenting-focused. Our approach and curriculum focus on parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting, and family well-being; on strengths, capabilities and skills; and on building protective factors within the family.

Parents as Teachers Home-Visiting Program serves a range of families with high needs—not just first time parents, pregnant parents or teen parents—and offers services throughout the continuum from prenatal to kindergarten entry.

To learn more about our program, call: 505-925-7899.

For more information: http://www.parentsasteachers.org


Contact Us

Damaris Donado, LMSW, Clinical Manager: (505) 925-7899 ddonado@unmmg.org

Nicole Sandoval, Admin Assistant: (505) 272-5828 nisandoval@salud.unm.edu