Early Childhood Evaluation Program

After A Referral

ECEP evaluations are completed at our clinic in central Albuquerque, at 2300 Menaul NE.  The ECEP team also frequently travels to locations around the state of New Mexico.  During these clinics, early intervention providers help find clinic space within cities and towns outside of Albuquerque.  Your location and your family’s ability to travel will be discussed with you to determine the best location for completing the evaluation.

 ECEP will look at the following areas of your child’s development:

  • Thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Social and emotional interactions/engagement
  • Communication, speech and language abilities and understanding
  • Motor skills and coordination
  • Response to sights, sounds, touch and movement
  • Physical examination and review of medical history

Family members are the most important members of the team.  We also want early intervention providers to observe the evaluation and give feedback about developmental functioning in other settings.  Because ECEP is part of the University of New Mexico, we may have students observing or participating in the evaluation. Your ECEP team will be composed of professionals with years of experience working with young children, including:

  • A physician or nurse practitioner
  • A developmental/clinical psychologist
  • A speech-language pathologist
  • A physical or occupational therapist

The entire evaluation process will take approximately four hours. The evaluation of your child will take approximately two hours.  Your child’s overall development is assessed during this time and you will be asked many questions about your child’s medical and developmental history and behaviors at home.  At the end of this time, a short medical examination will be completed.  After your child has been evaluated by the ECEP team, you and your child will have a break, typically for about an hour.  When you return from your break, you will have a family meeting with members of the ECEP team.  They will share the testing results with you, respond to any questions you have, and discuss recommendations to help your child's growth and development. Both parents are encouraged to be present for the family meeting, if possible. You are welcome to bring other caregivers and/or providers with you to the family meeting.  Your child can be present at the family meeting but it is not necessary. 

The ECEP team may discuss possible causes of delays with you.  We may give your child a diagnosis that is based on observations at the time of this evaluation, in addition to behaviors at home and in other settings.  The ECEP team may also provide recommendations for further medical or developmental assessments to rule out possible causes of a delay.  All of the information that is gathered during the evaluation will be discussed with you during the family meeting.

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