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History of TIP Sheets

In the months following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, the State of New Mexico convened a Task Force to examine the state’s emergency response plans. Representatives of disability organizations were Task Force members., as were state agencies, emergency medical response organizations, and faith-based organizations.

Based on requests from first responders, public safety organizations and emergency medical personnel, the Task Force made a recommendation that Tips Sheets for first responders be developed.

The Center for Development and Disability took the lead in developing the tip sheets. Each tip sheet was developed in a three-stage process. First, people with each disability included in the Tip Sheets participated in focus groups to develop a draft set of recommendations. Next, professionals from academic and professional organizations focused on that disability completed a second draft. Finally, a group of first responders made revisions to ensure that they tips were in a form that could be easily and quickly understood in high-pressure, emergency situations.

For the third edition, maternal and child health organizations asked that a tip sheet be developed for childbearing women and newborns.



Tips for First Responders

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