Division of Disability and Health Policy

Multi-cultural Outreach Program

The Division houses the Reeve Foundation’s multicultural outreach program, which reaches out to diverse communities across the United States and partners with community-based organization meetings to improve the quality of life for people with paralysis and increase the use of the Foundation's Paralysis Resource Center (PRC).

  • Live Without Limits: Multi- Cultural Community-Based Organization Meetings

The Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) reaches out to diverse communities across the United States and hosts presentation to educate organizations and health care providers about the free services the PRC has to offer to people living with paralysis, to caregivers and to family members.

Meetings have been held in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, Houston, Albuquerque and Phoenix.

This year the PRC is moving to meeting with select organizations in cities across the United States. This year the PRC will be meeting with organizations in Atlanta, Austin, and Los Angeles.

The Paralysis Resource Center’s multicultural outreach ambassadors are members of the community who spread awareness about day to day quality of life issues related to paralysis and the Paralysis Resource Center.

The PRC and Division worked with Navajoland Nurses United for Research Service and Education (NNurse) to conduct a series six of information sharing meetings on the Navajo Nation to learn about quality of life for people living with paralysis on the Navajo Nation and how the PRC could better serve people with paralysis on the Nation


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