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Assessment and Intervention:  Case Studies in Deafblindness

An Online Web Course


The Project for New Mexico Children and Youth who are Deaf-blind is pleased to AnnounceAssessment & interventions: Case Studies in Deaf-blindness, an online web course. The course utilizes the DISCUSS model developed at the Health Science Center, School of Medicine, Center for Development & Disability. This course is designed for families, service providers, and educators working with children and youth who are deaf-blind. The course will be taught through Case Tutorials in a Problem Based Learning approach. The case tutorials will reflect real life issues that are of concern to families and service providers of children who are deaf-blind. Through these cases, participants will meet online to discuss the delivery of appropriate services, alternate assessments, inclusion of students in natural settings, positive behavior supports and transition issues.

This course was created for professional development by the Project for New Mexico children and Youth who are Deaf-blind, Center for Development and Disability. Funding was provided by the U.S. Department of Education, the New Mexico State Department of Education Special Education Unit and the New Mexico State Department of Health.

The course is offered periodically pending student enrollment.

FEE: The course is free to NM residents. There is a $100.00 course fee to take the class for out of state participants.

A Certificate of Completion will be provided to all participants who complete the course.

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