Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Fellowship in Early Childhood Mental Health

postdoc and child

The postdoctoral psychology fellowship in Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Center for Development and Disability (CDD) is designed to provide a specialized training experience in early childhood assessment and intervention within a developmentally-sensitive, trauma-informed, and relationship-based framework. Fellows will have opportunities to learn about and practice developmental and relationship-based evaluations for a range of presenting concerns and also receive training in a range of evidence-based and best practice clinical interventions for young children (ages 0-3) and their families who have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or other relationship-based disturbances. The fellowship program is a two year, full-time training experience. By the end of the two years, fellows are expected to be well-rounded child clinical psychologists with specialized training within ECMH. The fellowship program is designed to integrate competencies across the following five major domains of knowledge and practice: Assessment, Intervention, Teaching and Consultation, Interdisciplinary Relationships and Professionalism. Research activities may also be incorporated as available. Each fellow’s activities are organized within their emphasis area of ECMH, together with participation in Clinical and Leadership Education activities across the CDD and the UNM Health Sciences Center.

Over the two years of the program, fellows will acquire advanced skills in early childhood assessment and working within an interdisciplinary team to address young children’s developmental needs and treatment recommendations. Each fellow will acquire skills in Infant Mental Health assessment and interventions as well, providing relationship-based, developmentally-sensitive, trauma-informed, assessment and intervention services tailored to the individual needs of children and families.