Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Fellowship in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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General Description

The Fellowship in Autism Spectrum Disorder within the UNM Center for Development and Disability (CDD) is designed to provide a specialized training experience to develop advanced skills in providing a range of evidence based and best practice psychological services to children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families, and the community of providers who are working with them. The fellowship program is a two year, full-time training experience. By the completion of fellowship, fellows are expected to be well rounded child clinical psychologists with specialty clinical knowledge and experience within Autism Spectrum Disorder. A postdoctoral fellow’s skills, interests, and learning goals are assessed at the beginning of the training, and an individual development plan is developed in conjunction with the fellow, the training director, and primary supervisors. The fellowship program is designed to achieve an integration of competencies across the following major domains of knowledge and practice areas: Assessment, Intervention, Consultation and Interdisciplinary Relationships, and Professionalism. Each fellow’s activities are organized within their emphasis area of Autism Spectrum Disorder, together with participation in Clinical and Leadership Education activities across the CDD and the UNM Health Sciences Center.

Over the two years of fellowship, fellows will acquire advanced, specialty skills in diagnosis and differential diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Each fellow will acquire skills in providing a range of intervention services tailored to the individual needs of the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which will vary according to the fellow’s identified areas of interest and preparation. Partnership with communities and local service providers is another important area of professional practice and the fellow will conduct a number of community trainings in a variety of modalities with different audiences.