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Genetic Listen to this term in Navajo

The hereditary unit that effects and determines the characteristics of a particular chromosome.

Navajo Term for Genetic

(one’s body, by means of, that which is created, and, by means of, the make-up of one’s being/characteristic)

Gross Motor Listen to this term in Navajo

Development and movement of large muscles, such as walking, crawling, sitting, kicking and running.


Navajo Term for Gross Motor Skills

(children, movement, and his/her body, development)

Naaghá (walking), nan’ná (crawling), sidá (sitting), naanéego anídzítaã (kicking while playing), naanáalwoã (running about)

Growing in Beauty Early Intervention Program Listen to this term in Navajo

An early childhood program operated by the Navajo Nation Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services to assist eligible Navajo children with development delays and special needs to get adequate early intervention and preschool services. The program serves families on the Navajo Nation, which covers a portion of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

Navajo Term for Growing in Beauty

(growing in beauty)

Navajo Term for Growing in Beauty

(children, disabilities, work with, in beauty, grow and develop)

Guardian Listen to this term in Navajo

In the absences of the parent(s), this individual acts as the parent of the child. The guardian may be a grandparent or stepparent with whom the child lives, or a surrogate parent who has been appointed by a court.

Navajo Term for Guardian

(one who cares for one)

Navajo Term for Guardian